Conglomerado de Noticias (Discos y Vídeos): DARKWATER, FRACTURES IN THE SKY, Floor Jansen, THE AGONIST, AGNIS, MIST OF MISERY, WHYZDOM, METALIAN, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Peyton Parrish

DARKWATER estrena ‘Light of Dawn’; FRACTURES IN THE SKY revela ‘Ebb and Flow’; Floor Jansen en vivo con ‘Our Decades In The Sun’; THE AGONIST pública ‘Immaculate Deception’; AGNIS comparte ‘Polyhymnia’; MIST OF MISERY lanza ‘Into The Embrace of Winter’; WHYZDOM comparte ‘Wanderers and Dreamers’; METALIAN anuncia “Beyond the Wall”; Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens lanzará “Return to Death Row”; Peyton Parrish estrena ‘Battle of York’.